Visit Mexico's Barranca Del Cobre (Copper Canyon)

Copper Canyon also called Barranca Del Cobre in Spanish is a lush canyon system in Chihuahua state northwest Mexico.  The Barranca Del Cobre canyon system is four times the size of neighbouring Arizona’s Grand Canyon and deeper in some areas. Apart from its natural beauty and breath taking views the Copper Canyon offers a train journey that travels from sea level to 7,500 feet in less than 150 miles; giving it the name “Train in the Sky”.

The ride on the Copper canyon railway is the main attraction of the region because from the train it’s like you are seeing the entire world.  The railway system took almost 100 years to build and is considered to be an engineering marvel.  The copper canyon rail excursion is voted the most exciting train journey in the world. Read more about Visit Mexico's Barranca Del Cobre (Copper Canyon)

Visit The Ischgl Ski Resort in Tyrol, Austria

Austria is well-known as a skiing destination but not a lot is known about the ski resort of Ischgl in tyrol.  Tyrol is a lovely mountainous are in the western parts of Austria near the Alps and bordering with Italy, Germany and Switzerland.  In the spring and summer months it offers an excellent landscape for hiking and mountain biking.  But come winter, the area is changed, drawing a different set of trill seekers (the snow worshipers).

Ischgl is also known for its free open air concerts, which have featured headline acts like Elton John, Lionel Richie, Rod Stewart and Tina Turner; attracting over 20, 000 people. The concerts are staged as part of its opening weekends late November, so you never know who you will see from one season to the next. Read more about Visit The Ischgl Ski Resort in Tyrol, Austria

Visit Some of The UK's Best Beaches

Pictures of beaches in Scotland were shown to the public and they were asked where in the world they think the beaches were. Surprisingly many thought the pictures were of beaches in Thailand and other places in the Far East. From the north (Scotland) down through Wales to the southern tip of England there are beaches to suit different beach activities. So whether you live in the UK or on holiday why not give one of its beaches a try – my favourites are in Cornwall. Read more about Visit Some of The UK's Best Beaches


The World Bodypainting Festival, Body Art at its Best

body paint

Between June and July the world’s best in body painting comes to Austria to exhibit their skills at the World Bodypainting Festival (WBF). Artist and their model(s) transform the mono chrome body into a colourful work of art in a mixture of photography, fashion, music, drama and dance.  Here you can see how body painting inspires the movies and visa versa. There are awards to be won such as the best Futuristic, Brush, Special Effects, Face Painting and many more. Read more about The World Bodypainting Festival, Body Art at its Best


Take a Disney Dream Holiday Cruise

Disney Dream

Like the Disneyland resorts the 4000 passenger capacity Disney Dream Boat caters for moms, dads and children from three months to 17 years.  At a tune of £565 million Disney created an on sea dream holiday experience, offering the world’s first on sea water coaster – ‘The Aquaduck’, French gourmet restaurant, inspired by Michelin-starred chefs (with 200-strong wine list)and a host of other entertainment features. Read more about Take a Disney Dream Holiday Cruise


Visit Colombia Lost City (Ciudad Perdida)

ciudad perdida

Depending on who you speak to Colombia is synonymous with Coffee, Cocaine and Football. That is because that is mostly what is printed in the news and shown on television but there is more to this South American, Spanish speaking country, than we hear in the news. Colombia is rich in history and culture and unlike the Caribbean islands to the north of it; it has manage the keep some of its indigenous people along with some of their historical sites. Read more about Visit Colombia Lost City (Ciudad Perdida)

Worldwide Rafting Holiday Ideas

This short break idea takes you to different places around the world where worshippers of white water rafting make their pilgrimage every year. These are the Colorado River USA; Inn River, Switzerland; Apurimac River, Peru; çoruh River, Turkey and Tummel & Tay Rivers Scotland.

First it’s the çoruh River in the north eastern part of Turkey. The çoruh River offers a roller-coaster of rapids coming down from the Kaçkar Mountains. A good time to go is in May – June when the water levels are at their highest and the surroundings hills are a light with beautiful flowers.

The adventure allows time for you to stop in remote villages to meet and chat with the locals. If you are upto it you can trek to the Byzantine castles, you can also sleep in riverside tents to see the stars each night. Read more about Worldwide Rafting Holiday Ideas

Journey The Silk Road Into Uzbekistan Rich History

Go back into history along Uzbekistan’s Silk Road Cities Kiva, Bokhara and Samonkand. Once part of the USSR Uzbekistan now stand as an independent country in the middle of central Asia.  Around it are Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Afganistan and Turkmenistan.  The capital Taskent’s still bear resemblance of its former association with Russia, through its architecture and the mix of people that you come across. There are the pale face Russians, who stayed after Uzbekistan gain its independence and the oval-faced, almond eyed individuals in brightly-coloured striped robes.

Before the Russian Uzbekistan played a significant role in the Silk and spice trade, that gave it wealth and defined the region.  A visit to the region especially Samarkand, Khiva, Bokhara and Taskent and you will find remnants of its rich history in trade, architecture and past rulers – Alexander the Great, Genghis Kan and Tamburlaine). Read more about Journey The Silk Road Into Uzbekistan Rich History