Take a Tree House Short Break

Located in North Devon Biosphere Reserve is the Treetops guest house. Built in a 250-year-old oak tree is this two bedroom three house. The Treetops takes tree house to another level, glamping at another level. This vast tree-home runs over three floors, with the tree passing under, over, around and even through it; there is one particular branch in the lounge having been cunningly covered with a box seat.

tree house

The focal point in this tree house is the west-facing terrace, perfectly designed for watching the sunset or the stunning views of Heywood Forest or the lake below. There is eve an outdoor heater and a bijou beanbag-lined rain shelter, just in case the weather is not what you anticipated.

Inside there is a lot to your convenience; there is a wood burner to keep you warm, a fully kitted kitchen with a dishwasher, two cosy bedrooms (with a king-size bed and a bunk in the other), a huge bathroom with a freestanding copper bath and shower; easy to forget you are in a tree.

Located on the grounds of the Fox Hounds hotel (although out of sight); you can get your meals delivered or go up to the hotel if you are not up to cooking. If al-fresco cooking is more your thing, a brick-built barbecue sits in the small paddock below, facing the lake. You can order a hamper of local meats and cook your own meals.

Tree House

At an altitude of 66 degrees north and just 60km south of the Arctic Circle is Norrbotten, the northmost province of Sweden and part of Swedish Lapland.  Here you can live the high life at the Treehotel, where you sleep in cabin that are up to 20ft above the forest floor.  The Treehotel is in the village of Harads, run by Kent and his wife Britta.

There is The Bird's Nest, a round lattice of branches reached by stairs that unfurl at the touch of a button. The Mirrorcube which reflects the mood of the forest. The Blue Cone, a Lego-like structure, which is, perversely, red and then there is the UFO, a flying saucer that sleeps four and looks poised to take off at any moment. Fitting with the Swedish tradition is the Tree Sauna, where you can enjoy candlelit relaxation.  Close by is the Bodträsk river where you can enjoy canoe trips in its still and crystallised water.

Tree House

Located in the countryside between Tuscany and Rome, on the lavender hills of Lazio is the organic La Piantata farm.  Perched about eight-metres off the ground on a 100-year-old oak tree, is The Suite On the Oak, a lavish one bed suite Italian tree house.  The Suite On the Oak comes equipped with a four-poster bed, enticing en suite and MP3 players.

What makes La Piantata different, as well as the Italian breakfast (with organic ingredients) La Piantata is owned by a pair of ex-confectioners which means they make luscious cakes and biscuits. The farm produces its own olive oil, while you can get massages, go horse riding or laze around the swimming pool (which comes with its own underwater chaise longue). it's paradise squared.

Rome is one hour away, while Mediterranean beaches lie 30km from the farm. Explore Tuscan towns and villages, or just loaf around your tree house terrace, sipping limoncello.