11 Great British Heritage Sites To Visit


This is a perfect day out.  While majestic Tudor palace is the main attraction, wandering around its gardens and getting lost in the maze are perfect additions to a visit on a fine day. And the interpretation is what all heritage attractions should ain for. Costumed guided tours, audio guides, videos and displays are excellent at explaining and capturing the feel of royal history and are all included in the entry price.  Children are well catered for, with family trails and hands-on displays.  And while there are cobbles and steps aplenty, much of the sites is wheelchair accessible.  The palace can be reached by all forms of transport and there are some parking on site.  The main restaurant on site that serves a good selection of food, albeit a bit pricey. Read more about 11 Great British Heritage Sites To Visit


Have a Craic City Break in Belfast and Dublin


What do you look for in your ideal city break? Well, if it’s just for a few days or the weekend, you must be able to get there quickly and easily.  The city also has to offer memorable experiences, amazing sights, great culture, wonderful cuisine, warm hospitality and tick all the boxes that make it a must visit destination. Because of its closeness to the UK and the rest of Europe, its great holiday experience or short break that won’t break the bank. Read more about Have a Craic City Break in Belfast and Dublin


Take A Weekend Break To Jersey


The tiny five by nine mile island off the coast of Normandy has something to boast about. Not only is it officially the warmest place in the British Isles, an island of breath-taking scenery and a unique Anglo-French culture, of luxury hotels and award-winning cuisine all framed by a crown of beautiful beaches, it also takes just under two hours to get there, from walking out the door of your London office to making footprints in the sand. Read more about Take A Weekend Break To Jersey


Short Break to 10 of Earth’s Geological Wonders

Ilulissat Kangerlua Glacier

This is one of the main outlets of the Greenland ice sheet. Here you can see enormous chunks of ice break off the main glacier and become icebergs.  Apparently, it’s where the one that sank the Titanic is thought to have originated.  Some of the Icebergs are half a kilometre in size and to see them up close is awe-inspiring as it is bizarre.  You can sit in a nearby hotel quietly having breakfast and watch these immense slabs of ice float past. Picture: Paul Souders / Barcroft Media Read more about Short Break to 10 of Earth’s Geological Wonders

Wet and Wild Summer Breaks

Book a diving course with Responsible Travel who aims to employ local workers and ensure the protection of the environment in which they operate. They offer diving courses at a PADI 5-star Gold Palm Resort on the shores of the Eel Garden dive site in Dahab, Egypt.  The will teach you the basic skills before heading underwater to discover the colourful sea life and coral, secure in the knowledge you are not causing any ecological harm. Read more about Wet and Wild Summer Breaks


Escape To Bournemouth Seaside Resort


With months of cold days and nights no wonder one of the British favourite outdoor activities is going to the beach, especially when the weather forecaster said we are to get some sunshine with high temperature, we flock to the nearest said side and one of them is Bournemouth. It has a reputation of offering some of the country’s best weather and long sandy and clean beaches. Also a visit to Bournemouth would show you why research (done by First Direct Bank in 2007) as found it to be the happiest place in Britain. Read more about Escape To Bournemouth Seaside Resort


UK Glamping (glamorous camping) Locations


The Great British Summer pulls us out of our homes out into the outdoors but the ideas of sleeping on the ground inside a zipped up bag is not really something most of us really enjoy.  Glamping on the other hand gives us the pleasure of living under the convas enjoying lush countryside, beautiful views and a real sense of escape.  The difference, Glamping offers a bit more luxury that makes camping a bit more enjoyable from a living standpoint.  Below are list of locations where you can enjoy the Great British outdoor in style. Read more about UK Glamping (glamorous camping) Locations