Germany, the Country of Beers and Beer Festivals

In 1516 the Germans passed and edict, which ordered that beer could only be made from barley, hops and water (later they add yeast); making this declaration over 500 years old. In Munich each summer (July 22 - 24) Germans gather to celebrate the German Beer Purity Law.  More than 100 Bavarian brewers descend upon Munich's Altstadt centre for this three days celebration, where they'll serve foaming but correctly brewed beers. Read more about Germany, the Country of Beers and Beer Festivals


Enjoy a Short City Break in Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig could be the saviour of the weekend away.  Located in Germany's old East, a few years ago you could be forgiven for not knowing much about Saxony's largest city, but now, as other cities become saturated with tourists, Leipzig has emerged as the ultimate secret getaway.

While peaceful protests i the city in 1989 directly led to the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was Leipzig itself that threatened with demolition after reunification.  The city had fallen into such a state of disrepair some architects argued that it would be worth knocking it down altogether. Read more about Enjoy a Short City Break in Leipzig, Germany


Enjoy Some of Malta's Best Festivals

With thousands of festivals and parties taking place across Europe each summer, there are a lot of pretenders to the crown of new European party hotspot. But the island of Malta may well be it, steadily building its reputation as a serious music and culture destination for those in the know.

Just three hours from the UK, Malta is becoming known by 20 and 30-somethings as an incredibly diverse destination.  Those tired of paying Ibiza's prices or battling for a few inches of sand in Italy are finding a country with a lot of bang for your buck. Read more about Enjoy Some of Malta's Best Festivals


Visit the Historic City of Nantes

Nantes is the ideal starting pint for exploring the region and is well worth visiting in its own right.  To make sure you see everything there without getting lost, just follow the green line which has been painted on the ground, it leads you to explore architectural, artistic, cultural historical highlights.  Those points of interests demonstrate the multiplicity that makes Nantes unique.  It’s a city with a wealth of history, heritage and centuries of trade centred around its port, you can find out all about it in the museum of the history of Nantes, situated in the Castle of the dukes of Read more about Visit the Historic City of Nantes


8 Great Winter Sports Destinations

Each winter skiers and snowboarders are faced the options of deciding which ski resort to go, where they will have a good time and guarantee snow.  We have found eight destinations in Europe and America that will give you a winter break to remember. The is the slow, busy, traditional, modern and old depending on your taste and how you want to spend your winter break. Read more about 8 Great Winter Sports Destinations