3 Swiss Museums Off the Beaten Track

The Swiss might be well-known for making outstanding watches, but they also have an excellent reputation when it comes to hosting cultural events across their beautiful country. We have found three cultural attractions we think you might like: The Cartoonmuseum Basel, The Bernisches Historisches Museum and Bahnmuseum Albula.


Immerse yourself in a world of stories and art, at The Cartoon Museum Basel; Switzerland’s only museum dedicated to the art of narrative drawings attracts both young and old.  The Cartoon Museum Basel carefully curated exhibitions includes anything from comics, graphic novels and cartoons to satirical drawings and animated films.

There are four curated temporary exhibitions per year, the museum presents the most exciting, more creative and best comic and cartoon artist from around the world, according to curator Anette Gehrig. Here you can find the likes of Lorenzo Mattotti, Joost Swarte, Ulli Lust, Christoph Niemann, Joe Sacco and Robert Crumb.

In April 2019 they will feature the retrospective of Joann Sfar, creator of the famous series The Rabbi’s Cat and currently one of the most-successful artists of Nouvelle Bande Dessinee.  This will be Sfar’s first large-scale overview exhibition and will showcase various works of the multi-talented artist who is also a great acreenwriter.


Experience Swiss motor racing history up-close at the Bernisches Historisches Museum. Between 1934 and 1954 Bern was the home of Grand Prix Suisse and a main hub for international motor racing.  In 1948, over 120,000 visitors flooded the then small city for it most popular race. Back then, and as a direct result, the first traffic jams were seen – long before mass motorisation.

The Bernisches Historisches Museum is home to the 20 top historical racing cars and motor bikes – including the legendary ‘Silberpfeile’ by Mercedes-Benz and the racing motor bike NSU Rennmax ‘Blauwal’, known for its aerodynamic form – impress attendees with their aesthetic and technical nature.

There current exhibition, “Grand Prix Suisse 1934-54”, is on until 22 April 2019. “The exhibition shows the complex significance of the Swiss Grand Prix for Bern and Switzerland.  It highlights the technology progress, its effects on society, the economy and Bern’s everyday life,” said the museum.


This is a must for railway enthusiast. The Bahnmuseum (railway museum) Albula. Situated in Bergun, in the heart of Grisons, the Bahnmuseum reveals just what the charm of the railway really entails.

Bahnmuseum is conveniently located at the railway line towards St. Moritz, and is easily accessible due to year-round services on the Rhaetian Railway.  The museum caters for young, old and hardcore and casual railway fans.  The permanent exhibition showcases interesting facts on the Rhaetian Railway’s cultural and social history.  Visitors can wander through valleys and tunnels, learn more about the pioneering acts that surrounded the railway line construction.

There is multimedia rooms and original exhibits further explain historical and contemporary aspects of Switzerland’s most spectacular railway line and one of the permanent exhibition’s highlights is the topography simulator, which vividly explains the history of the Albula line.  The Albula and Bernina Railways are declared UNESCO World Heritage sites.

Other highlights include the Bernhard Tarnutzer’s detailed model railway system and the ‘Crocodile locomotive’ in front of the museum, which is equipped with and exciting driving simulator that lets you virtually operate the locomotive through Albula valley.