Make it Pert, Western Australia

With a world dominated by social media, busy trains and crammed coffee shops, the idea of ‘getting away from it all’ seems so unlikely sometimes. But while the planet seems ever closer and more connected, there’s one last real wilderness out there to escape to.  With 8,000 miles of coastline, Western Australia accounts for almost half the continent. If it were a nation in itself, it would be the world’s tenth largest country. So, if you want some space to breathe, you’ve just found the ultimate getaway. Read more about Make it Pert, Western Australia

A Short Break to Sunnier Climes

Strictly speaking the Garden Route is just a four-hour coastal drive along the southern edge of Africa, one end an afternoon’s drive from Cape Town, the other two hours from Port Elizabeth. But no other highway is this appealing. It boasts the world’s second mildest climate, losing out only to Hawaii. The year-round rain means that its ten national parks are bursting with flora and fauna: more than 300 species of birds, coral reefs, elephants, dolphins and several types of whale. Read more about A Short Break to Sunnier Climes


A Short Break Around Australia With the Best Bits

At stop in Sydney to climb the Harbour Bridge's inner arch for some spectacular views of the harbour; otherwise, you could cruise past the iconic, gleaming white sails of the Sydney Opera House, one of the most distinctive and recognisable buildings in the world, is probably the perfect way to start a tour of Australia before heading for some people-watching as you stroll along the sun-kissed golden sands of Bondi Beach and perhaps a dip in the surf. Read more about A Short Break Around Australia With the Best Bits


The Great Ocean Road Trip, Australia

Don't be fooled into thinking the Great Ocean Road is just a strip of tarmac. Not only is this 151 mile road the world's longest war memorial, it is the backbone of Victoria and has the added bonus of being one of the greatest drives on the planet.  The Great Ocean Road whips up a heady mix of natural wonders. Jaw-dropping sunsets, imposing cliffs, huge waves crashing against the points, Postcard picture villages, and elusive koala all feature in a day or two's drive.  The mixture of sea salt and gum trees even gives the road itw own unique smell. Read more about The Great Ocean Road Trip, Australia

Take the Ultimate City Break in Melbourne Australia

Anyone brought up on a diet of Australian soap operas and hospital dramas may be a little shell-shocked when they arrive in Melbourne. Soulful, stylish and clued up, this is a streetwise city that is at odds with the stereotypical vision of Australia.  In 2000, Melbourne trailed Sydney as the leading city for cafes, bars and nightclubs.  But, the city has climb back on top with good cafe culture and diverse nightlife, some of the best in Australia. Read more about Take the Ultimate City Break in Melbourne Australia


4 Reasons To Visit Southern Australia

You just can't beat a holiday Down Under to escape the gloom of winter.  But if that sounds a long and expensive slog, think again.  Thanks to improved flight options and the introduction of quiet and spacious planes, this is a good time to grab a bargain ticket to get some Aussie sunshine. It is not just Sydney sparkling harbour, cricket, barbeques and beaches that Australia has to offer. Read more about 4 Reasons To Visit Southern Australia