French City Short Break Ideas

BORDEAUX (for the Stylish city Weekender) 
Bordeaux is a small city with big city ambitions, which means you have the best of both worlds. It’s an easy three-hour train ride from Paris, but feels a world away. When in Bordeaux, have stroll around its flea markets and vintage stores, a favourite is Backstage Vintage Store ( it stocks a really great curated selection of vintage, designer vintage and also second-hand contemporary clothing. Then, on balmy summer nights, hop on a V3 public city bike (Bordeaux has been named the fourth most bike-friendly city in the world) for a ride along the Garonne River on the Quai des Chartrons, up to the outlet stores and boutiques at Quai des Marques. Read more about French City Short Break Ideas


Escape To West Sussex and the South Downs

You cannot beat the rush of adrenalin combined with muscle burn that you feel after climbing a steep hill to reach the top of the trial. But instead of the fog of fumes and crowded roads of the capital, when you cycle, run or walk in West Sussex it is often just you...reach the peak and take in the breath-taking views across the South Downs, ancient woodland, and out to sea. Read more about Escape To West Sussex and the South Downs

Experience 1000 Years of History in Sicily

Rugged, brooding Sicily crashes up through the waters of the Mediterranean, the wild and secretive ball to Italy’s slinky boot. Home to thousands of years of human history, the starkly beautiful island has fallen to the Greeks, Moors, Arabs, Romans and the French. But in the past 200 years, it has fallen to more modern conquerors, the Mafia, whose stranglehold over the island has only just begun to loosen. The Cosa Nostra (‘Our Thing’) turned Sicily into an impenetrable fortress of fear and the island is peppered with ‘relics’ of its reign of terror. Read more about Experience 1000 Years of History in Sicily

Visit The Ruins of Iran

Tourism to Iran is on the up. Combined with strengthening diplomatic relations between Iran and the West, means the country is finally opening its doors to western tourist. Western government are no longer advising their citizens not to visit this once no-go-zone. However, there are some parts that are not recommending visiting yet.  Consequently, eager tour operators are lining up to take curious travellers to the crumbling city of Persepolis, the rug-strewn bazaars of Esfahan and the stately gardens of Shiraz and see Iran’s many temples, mosques, fortresses and monuments. Read more about Visit The Ruins of Iran


Take a Walking Break

This Unesco-approved network of trails leads deep into the heart of the Kii Mountains, southeast of Kyoto. Numerous tracks criss-cross these cedar-scented, waterfall-laced mountains dotted with shrines and temples; you can trek a section in a few days or complete the whole pilgrimage as Kyoto’s ancient emperors did, in roughly six weeks.

Duration: From one night to six weeks.

Level: Easy/moderate. Paths are well-maintained and shady, and you’re never far from help. Read more about Take a Walking Break

Experience Japanese Entertainment, Art and Craft

A long with Mount Fuji, the traditional geisha with their white painted faces, elaborate kimonos, bright red lipstick and black shiny hair piled up in a chignon are one of the most iconic images of Japan.

Kyoto, the former capital, which is home to an impressive 17 World Cultural Heritage Sites, including the Nijo Castle and the Kiyomizu Temple, boasts a long tradition of geisha district in Japan. Read more about Experience Japanese Entertainment, Art and Craft


Just Sandals and the Two of You

Sandals selects the perfect paradise locations for its couples-only resorts, so scattered among the dreamlike tropical islands of Jamaica, Antigua, Saint Lucia, the Bahamas, Grenada and Barbados, is the Sandals Luxury Resorts, located in all the most desirable destinations.  So, they are always on the calm side of the island here offshore reefs protect the beaches and create clear waters – perfect for swimming, boating, playing or just soaking up the Caribbean sun beneath the natural umbrella of a towering palm. Read more about Just Sandals and the Two of You