The World's Most Difficult Golfing Holes

Golfing doesn’t get more treacherous or difficult than at these golf courses scattered around the world. From Camp Bonifas in Korea, which is considered the most dangerous course to the $1 Million(US) hole in South Africa - needs a helicopter to reach the tee, we have list them here. If you are a golfing enthusiast you can add a visit to one of these courses as part of your next short break.

Coober Pedy Golf Course, Australia (Any Hole)
There are no bunkers, no trees, no obstacles and no grass either.  Coober Pedy is a town in South Australia with fewer than 2,000 inhabitants. It’s famous for its opal mines and it is bleak. To make the golf course remotely playable, oil is used to keep the sand compact and to stop it from blowing around.  Players are allowed to carry around a small that’s all the help they get on this nine-hole course.  Bizarrely, Coober Pedy has reciprocal playing rights with St. Andrews.

The Extreme 19th, South Africa
Another course locating south is The Legend Golf Course. This is a tough one in its own right, but for a real golfing challenge, the Extreme 19th is about as hard as it gets.  It’s the longest par-three in the world, measuring 470 metres from tee to the green, and it shaped like Africa. With the Extreme 19th it is not the distance that’s the real issue.  The tee is on the edge of a mountain 430 metres above the green and is only accessible by helicopter.  Players have to shoot over the mountain’s edge, over the forest and onto the green. All this trouble is worth it, because if you get a hole-in-one, you win 1 million US Dollars.

Uummannaq, Greenland (Any Hole)
At Unmmannaq the greens are white, the balls are red and no two people ever play exactly the same hole.  Welcome to the World of Ice Golf Championships, held 600 miles north of the Arctic Circle.  The Unmmannaq course is redesigned by nature every year, and the extreme weather conditions mean it never stays the same.  It ice isn’t really your thing; there’s also a World Show Championship every year in various locations. Legend has it the game was invented by Rudyard Kipling.

Camp Bonifas, Korea
The Camp Bonifas golf course is part of the Korean Demilitarised Zone and is considered the world’s most dangerous golf course. The 192-yard par-three is considered safe, but if you hit your tee shot into the rough, it is advisable to take another shot.  That way you will avoid wandering onto one of the many landmines that surround the fairway.  Sgt Corbin, the man who built the hole, once let go of his new $400 golf club and couldn’t get it back because it landed in the minefield.

Cypress Point Country Club, USA (The 16th Hole)
It may be one of the most picturesque tee shot you will ever play, mainly because you’re on one side of the ocean and the green is on the other, which makes for a very difficult shot.  The 230-yard hole shouldn’t be too difficult, but with winds swirling around the edge of the Pacific, it’s not to be taken lightly, and if you don’t catch your shot right, you’ll almost certainly end up in the water.

TPC Sawgrass (17th Hole)
More water, but this time the tranquality of a lake rather than the animationof the ocean.  The green in Florida is effectively an island with only a slim link to the mainland. It is only 137 yards, but that can make it harder rather than easier, as there is no margin for error.  Miss the green and you hit the water – it’s that simple.  If you do go in the water don’t feel too bad, your ball will be one of 120,000 dropping in each year.