Walk the Lycian Way via Faralya, Kabak and Butterfly Valley

If you love to walk, treck or just enjoy being out in nature,  then this short break idea will be just up your street.  Situated in the South-west region of Turkey is the The Lycian Way it's a 509km foot path through some of Turkeys breathtaking scenery, from mountains to coastline.  The region get is name from the Lycian people, who in about 200BC – in between ruled by the Persions (who invaded the city of Babylon and took it from Nebuchadnezzar) and the Romans - created their own confederation of city states.

As a short break idea the Lycian Way is an easily accessible trail that can by enjoyed by season walkers and those who want to be part of the history of this famous path.  The Lycian Way in Turkey offers the ultimate combination of hiking along scenic trails and relaxing on idyllic beaches.

Of the 509km path the most accessible part is a 2km stretch near the coastal town of Fethiye.  The Lycian Way starts from Turkeys Dead Sea Beach at Oludeniz.  This are is one of Turkeys favourite destination, from here you are overlooking the logoon, framed by long sandy beaches and mountains national park, looks the perfect place for lounging.

The Lycian Way takes you through Faralya 14km away from Ovacik.  Faralya is a small town with places to stay or pitch your tent.  Close to Faralya is Butterfly Valley.  Butterfly Valley, a beautiful seaside about 1000ft down from the top of the cliffs.  The last stop on the holy grail trail is Kabak, where another beach here you can relax, refresh and reminisce on this unforgettable journey.