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Go Snowshoeing and Winter Walking in Tuscany

Areas like South Tyrol, Italy’s most northerly region is one of Italy’s key attractions in the winter months as sky professionals and enthusiasts come in their thousands to enjoy the white stuff.  But, have you ever consider Tuscany as a winter destination for snowshoeing and winter walking? The same lovely long walks you have in the summer months you have them here in the winter months as well; with one major difference, it is much quieter.

Climb Mount Snowdon, England and Wales Highest Point


The Snowdonia National Park, more so Mount Snowdon is one of Wales most visited attractions.  Located in north-west Wales Snowdon is said to be one of the wonders of Wales by Wales former first minister Rhodri Morgan, the band Doves has also name a song after it.

Enjoy Secluded Hiking Along The King's Trail, Sweden

Sweden and in particular Lapland is famous for its constant day light and midnight Sun during the summer months of June and July.  The area is also home to one of Europe’s largest wilderness areas, and this is where you find the Kungsleden otherwise known as the “Kings trail”, a 440Km-long hiking trail.  Kungsleden is a perfect natural escape destination taking you away from the hustle and bustle of city life or if you are a walker and relish the challenge then this is for you.
Getting to the Kungsleden is via Stockholm from there you take the train to the beginning of your trek.  The route goes up to the northerly point of Abisko, from there it winds back South to Hemavan, a route featuring several weeks of trekking.

Walk the Lycian Way via Faralya, Kabak and Butterfly Valley

If you love to walk, treck or just enjoy being out in nature,  then this short break idea will be just up your street.  Situated in the South-west region of Turkey is the The Lycian Way it's a 509km foot path through some of Turkeys breathtaking scenery, from mountains to coastline.  The region get is name from the Lycian people, who in about 200BC – in between ruled by the Persions (who invaded the city of Babylon and took it from Nebuchadnezzar) and the Romans - created their own confederation of city states.

As a short break idea the Lycian Way is an easily accessible trail that can by enjoyed by season walkers and those who want to be part of the history of this famous path.  The Lycian Way in Turkey offers the ultimate combination of hiking along scenic trails and relaxing on idyllic beaches.

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