Morocco's Best City Breaks

Morocco's cities are impossibly exotic. North African culture bumps up against all the quirks and traditions of the Middle East, leaving travellers caught up in haggling sessions for carpets, tripping over snake charmers' baskets, drinking scalding mint tea or getting lost in dark, maze-like souks. From the capital to the coast, there's plenty to discover in the urban hubs across the country. Here's our pick of the top spots to see. Read more about Morocco's Best City Breaks

A Short Break to Sunnier Climes

Strictly speaking the Garden Route is just a four-hour coastal drive along the southern edge of Africa, one end an afternoon’s drive from Cape Town, the other two hours from Port Elizabeth. But no other highway is this appealing. It boasts the world’s second mildest climate, losing out only to Hawaii. The year-round rain means that its ten national parks are bursting with flora and fauna: more than 300 species of birds, coral reefs, elephants, dolphins and several types of whale. Read more about A Short Break to Sunnier Climes


Run One of the World's 10 Toughest Marathons

Traditionally referred to as 'the world's toughest foot race', Badwater was forced to alter its traditional route through Death Valley in 2013.  The Death Valley Park authorities placed a ban on strenuous events taking place during the summer months, when air temperatures (in the shade) reach over 48 degrees.  So organisers came up with an alternative route, one with more than 5,200m of cumulative vertical ascent (compared to 3,962 in the previous route), and 3,900m of cumulative descent (compared to 1,433m).  While temperature might not reach the sizzling heights of Death Valley (ultra-runner Dean Karnazes once reported that between his team car handing him a cheese sandwich and him eating it, said sandwich became a toastie), the world's toughest foot race just got tougher.

Race facts: The race takes place in July; 135miles(217km); Maximum 48 hours, there is an entry fee. Read more about Run One of the World's 10 Toughest Marathons

Take a Golfing Short Break in Marrakech

There are a few corners of the globe that golf hasn’t managed to infiltrate, so it’s perhaps not surprising that Morocco, one of the world’s more westernised Muslim countries, has been bitten by the golfing bug.  Marrakech is spearheading Morocco’s bid to become a serious golf destination, with a dozen championship courses.  It’s fair to say this has little to do with finding the next Rory McIlroy – Moroccan youth only has eyes for football – but more with attracting the growing ranks of travelling golfers who will go almost anywhere for guaranteed sunshine and a half-decent links. Read more about Take a Golfing Short Break in Marrakech


5 Places to get September Autum Sun

Not many of us are able to take our holidays during the summer months for whatever reason.  Taking a short break in autumn to get some of the summer sun is another option.  We have found five places in Europe and elsewhere that offers excellent autumn sunshine at some of the hotest hotels and resorts.  Whether its luxury, relaxation, party or sports these locations offers it. Read more about 5 Places to get September Autum Sun


Canyon Adventures


Trek Kings Canyon, Australia
Hiking around the ochre sands of the 440 million-year-old Kings Canyon, which cuts through Australia’s Watarrka National Park, is a true outback adventure. Follow the orange signs for Kings Creek Walk, an hour-long stroll along the boulder-strewn bowels of the gorge, or hunt the navy blue sighns for the ore challenging Kings Canyon Rim Walk, will reward you with incredible views of the prehistoric red-rock gorge. It also gives you a great excuse to wear one of those silly corked hats-there are flies everywhere. Read more about Canyon Adventures