Germany: from Forests to Cathedrals

Every year, about 37 million tourists from all over the world travel to Germany. Also, annually, the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) conducts a survey among international visitors asking them to name their favourite German attractions.  We had a closer look at the top 15 in the list and thought we should suggest some off-the-beaten-track alternatives. Because if you like those, you might also like these. Read more about Germany: from Forests to Cathedrals

Christmas Bavarian Style

Surrounded by snow-covered mountains are the market towns of Mittenwald, Krün and Wallgau in the Bavarian region of Alpenwelt Karvendel.  These historic villages come alive during the Christmas season, inviting visitors to their Christmas markets from early to mid-December.  As one of Germany’s best winter regions, the Alpenwelt Karvendel is an ideal destination for a relaxing pre-Christmas break.  The Bavarian charm, hospitality and ‘joie de vivre’ are combined with often centuries old traditions and customs, like the Lüftlmalerei, the local style of fresco paintings. Read more about Christmas Bavarian Style

Celebrate Your Christmas Break in Bad Hamburg

Set between the bustling city of Frankfurt on the Main river and the peaceful hilltops of the Taunus, is the charming spa town of Bad Hamburg.  The area has a lot to offer in addition to its ideal location, is the perfect balance between tradition and modern.  Exhibitions and live concerts lure the culture enthusiasts while the town’s famous casino Bad Hamburg - since 1841, turns night into day for many.  You can enjoy its beautiful parks, visit Bad Hamburg’s historical Royal Day Spa, or you can go shopping in its many independent shops. Read more about Celebrate Your Christmas Break in Bad Hamburg

3 Romantic City Escape: Florence, Cologne and Valencia

Eye-poppingly beautiful, Florence – or Firenze as the Italians know it – is rich with unforgettable architecture and beautiful scenery. The city features historic works of art including Michelangelo’s David and the birth of Venus in the world – renowned Uffizi gallery. Perfect for couple, you can take a stroll through the stunning Boboli Gardens, enjoy a late-night walk along the Arno River and see the Golden Bridge before a romantic meal at one of the city’s many top restaurants. Read more about 3 Romantic City Escape: Florence, Cologne and Valencia


Germany, the Country of Beers and Beer Festivals

In 1516 the Germans passed and edict, which ordered that beer could only be made from barley, hops and water (later they add yeast); making this declaration over 500 years old. In Munich each summer (July 22 - 24) Germans gather to celebrate the German Beer Purity Law.  More than 100 Bavarian brewers descend upon Munich's Altstadt centre for this three days celebration, where they'll serve foaming but correctly brewed beers. Read more about Germany, the Country of Beers and Beer Festivals


Enjoy the Classical and Modern in Leipzig

Leipzig is located just one-hour train ride from the German capital, Berlin. It has been dubbed the 'New Berlin' because it has such a cool vibe, buzzing cultural and a wealth of history. So what is it about this emerging European city that is so appealing to everyone, from classical music lovers to hip clubbers.  Leipzig is one of Europe's emerging cities in terms of music, nightlife, art and gastronomy. Read more about Enjoy the Classical and Modern in Leipzig


Enjoy a Short City Break in Leipzig, Germany

Leipzig could be the saviour of the weekend away.  Located in Germany's old East, a few years ago you could be forgiven for not knowing much about Saxony's largest city, but now, as other cities become saturated with tourists, Leipzig has emerged as the ultimate secret getaway.

While peaceful protests i the city in 1989 directly led to the fall of the Berlin Wall, it was Leipzig itself that threatened with demolition after reunification.  The city had fallen into such a state of disrepair some architects argued that it would be worth knocking it down altogether. Read more about Enjoy a Short City Break in Leipzig, Germany


5 of Europe’s Best Christmas Markets for Foodies

Best for Drama Vienna, Austria
The Austrian capital always oozes elegance, but in December, Vienna takes itself a little less seriously and gets its party clobber on.  They city’s prettiest squares transform into markets dotted with chalet-style stalls, while garlands of bulbs and ribbons are strung along the city’s streets.   And every year, giant chandeliers light the route to St. Stephens Catheral. Read more about 5 of Europe’s Best Christmas Markets for Foodies


Enjoy Christmas Markets Prague, Berlin and Vienna

There is nothing quite like watching lights twinkling on a beautiful tree while sipping mulled wine and watching the buzz of people around you at a Christmas market.  The mix of traditional huts, soft carol music, beautiful handcrafts and delicious food and drink make strolling around a festive fete a seasonal must.  So this year, why not try a Christmas market break and visit some of Europe’s winter wonderland.  I have selected three cities with Christmas markets that are a must see. Read more about Enjoy Christmas Markets Prague, Berlin and Vienna