Take a Sporting Break in Monaco

As the second smallest independent state on earth, the opulent principality of Monaco doesn’t require much exploring to discover the array of sports that take place in and around its winding streets and sparkling waterfront.  At only 1.95 square kilometres, it is barely bigger than London’s Hyde Park and trails only Vatican City, as the smallest nation in the world.  This is good for those who paradoxically, enjoy both sport and don’t want to hassle of having to travel for miles for it.

Formula1 Weekend Break

Whether your favourite team in Formula1 is Ferrari, McLaren or Red Bull it does not matter, because this short break idea is just for the sheer glamour, glitz, excitement and luxury that if offers.  I am inviting you to see the world or just a part of it with a Formula1 weekend break.

Formula1 Race

The season starts in early spring and follows the sun around the world for the rest of the year. There are nineteen events in some of the world’s must see locations. Each event last for a whole weekend; practice on Friday, qualification on Saturday and the race on Sunday.

Singapore F1 Grand Prix Weekend Break

singapore F1 Grand Prix

There are nineteen Formula1 events in each race season. They all might offer the glitz and glamour and maybe the racing experience, but not all of them offer the same experience.  Monaco may have St Devote, Tabac and La Rascasse but – rather crucially – the iconic twists and turns of Singapore's famous street circuit make overtaking extremely difficult; this adds to the excitement of watching the race.

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