Singapore F1 Grand Prix Weekend Break

singapore F1 Grand Prix

There are nineteen Formula1 events in each race season. They all might offer the glitz and glamour and maybe the racing experience, but not all of them offer the same experience.  Monaco may have St Devote, Tabac and La Rascasse but – rather crucially – the iconic twists and turns of Singapore's famous street circuit make overtaking extremely difficult; this adds to the excitement of watching the race.

Like Monaco, Singapore's Marina Bay offers a breathtaking harbour side race in a glamorous location. However it also boasts a layout that not only rigorously tests drivers physically, but also offers a few more passing opportunities than your standard, tight, street circuit. That is particularly the case towards the end of the longest race of the F1 season, at nearly two hours.  As drivers struggle to control tyres, brakes and their own exhausted bodies, the drama mounts.

The fact that it’s also a night race, with a neon-bright city skyline as a backdrop, only adds to the electric atmosphere. As does the entertainment. The 540ft-high Singapore Flyer observation wheel is located in the heart of the circuit, offering dazzling birds-eye views of the track. There’s also live, open-air music that coincides with the race weekend. The likes of The Killers, Rihanna, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds , Pharrell Williams and Maroon 5 have all headline here in the past.

We know this much is true, however: while Singapore certainly isn’t a cheap option, the firework display that lights up the night sky after the chequered flag is waved on Sunday night is a fine, free-for-all finale. While the hotels that are just minutes from the circuit are often pricey, Singapore taxis and public transport are not. So getting in and out is easy.

It adds up to the best all-round entertainment on the F1 calendar. Or, as three-time Singapore GP winner Sebastian Vettel puts it: “it’s spectacular seeing the cars so close at night; seeing them right in front of you in the middle of the city. Around the race there are a lot of concerts going on. The attraction is huge”.

Located at the bottom of Malaysia, Singapore is made up of a cluster of small islands, together Singapore is less than half the size of Greater London. Because of the size of the county, it is a plus for visiting and a selling point for those want to experience Formula1 and more.
The races are held in the city centre, with the track maundering around Marina Bay, past the city’s hotels, theatres and shops. This lends itself to endless amount of shopping and adds to the complexity of choosing the right hotel, because you might need one that will allow you to see the drivers from the comfort of your room.

Having the race in the night adds to Singapore's charm as a Formula1 GP destination (it's F1’s first place for racing in the night); this leaves the day free for you to do something else. There are plenty of trendy places to eat with a mixture of Chinese, Indonesian, Malay, Indian and a light dusting of colonialism to choose from.

To pass the day before the night race/practice sessions you can visit some of Singapore world renown art centres such as Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and Asian Civilizations Museum with a collection of ancient Asian art and artefacts from India, Middle East, China and Southeast Asia. Located on the Bay is Esplande – Theatres On The Bay, Singapore’s version of Lincoln Center showcases Western and Asian music, drama, dance and comedy along with Southeast Asia’s largest art Library.

Why not fly there in style on the Airbus A380 – the world’s biggest passenger jet.  You have to option of three classes: first class private with full size beds and desks, business with seats that fold flat, and economy with the usual.