4 Reasons to Visit Alberta, Canada

Alberta’s skiing scene aside, there are plenty of other reasons to add a winter break to this Canadian province to your bucket list. From delicious food, nightlife and culture to other outdoor pursuits, there’s plenty on offer to make sure a holiday to here is one to remember – and we’ve rounded up just a few of our favourites. 

Keep your cool on an ice walk Read more about 4 Reasons to Visit Alberta, Canada

Make Your Way to the Peaks of Alberta

The Canadian province of Alberta becomes a snow-filled wonderland when winter swings around.  Therefore, for an epic, picturesque and action-packed winter break that’s a little more far-flung than the same old haunts in the Alps, a trip out west to Canada is just the tonic for the snow-loving holidaymaker. Whether you live for the pistes, love a taste of après culture or just fancy warming your toes in front of the fire after a day out soaking up mountain air and the dramatic sights of the Canadian Rockies, the province of Alberta is a great place to do this. Read more about Make Your Way to the Peaks of Alberta

Nothing Compares to Canada

With its shimmering harbour, sparkling ocean and stunning skyline, cosmopolitan Vancouver is frequently voted as one of the most liveable cities in the world - and it is easy to see why. Surrounded by mountains and over-looking the island-speckled Pacific, Vancouver has it all. Beaches and seaside promenades, Stanley park, the world's largest and most beautiful urban space, and the dizzying Capilano Suspension Bridge in the city's very own rainforest. Read more about Nothing Compares to Canada


Try Canada in Small Bits

Canada is big – so big that it can be difficult to work out how to see everything you want to see. But a well-planned short break will allow you to enjoy the best of the lakes, mountains, forests, waterfalls and vibrant cities that this land of adventure offers.  The thundering sound of torrents of raging water dramatically rushing over the spectacular Niagara Falls sending a misty spray high into the air, probably tops everyone’s list of unforgettable must-see-sights on a trip to Canada. Read more about Try Canada in Small Bits


Try Canada For A Short Break

Cosmopolitan Toronto, with its iconic CN Tower, the tallest free-standing structure in North America, world-class gastronomy and lively, yet easy-going vibe, is a great starting point to discover the natural wonders of Canada.  From here, you can explore the thundering cascades of Niagara Falls – which have to be on everyone’s list of must-sees on a trip to this vast land of lakes, mountains, forests and rivers. Read more about Try Canada For A Short Break


Experience the Two sides of Alberta, Canada

For your next short break, try combining a hip city break, incredible natural scenery and star gazing in Alberta's City of Edmonton and Jasper National Park.  The cool cultural city of Edmonton allows you to indulge in a vibrant food scene – dine at award-winning restaurants such as Corso 32, uncover some of the best Canadian cuisine such as the farm to table dishes offered at RGE RD, and sip on craft beers at Mercer Tavern, located in the new Ice District. Edmonton’s food landscape is inventive and diverse, just like the people who started the restaurants. Read more about Experience the Two sides of Alberta, Canada


Vancouver and Whistler the Best of Skiing and City Breaks

Are you planning your winter short break and torn between the bright lights and great food of an urban escape and the adrenaline rush of a skiing holiday? My I suggest a visit to Vancouver and Whistler where you'll have the best of both.  Choosing between a city break or skiing holiday can cause a real dilemma, because you need guarantee snow and that is not usually guarantee when combine with a city break, but!  Fly to Vancouver and you can have your cake, eat it, and be on world-class slopes a few hours later, without breaking the bank. Read more about Vancouver and Whistler the Best of Skiing and City Breaks


Run One of the World's 10 Toughest Marathons

Traditionally referred to as 'the world's toughest foot race', Badwater was forced to alter its traditional route through Death Valley in 2013.  The Death Valley Park authorities placed a ban on strenuous events taking place during the summer months, when air temperatures (in the shade) reach over 48 degrees.  So organisers came up with an alternative route, one with more than 5,200m of cumulative vertical ascent (compared to 3,962 in the previous route), and 3,900m of cumulative descent (compared to 1,433m).  While temperature might not reach the sizzling heights of Death Valley (ultra-runner Dean Karnazes once reported that between his team car handing him a cheese sandwich and him eating it, said sandwich became a toastie), the world's toughest foot race just got tougher.

Race facts: The race takes place in July; 135miles(217km); Maximum 48 hours, there is an entry fee. Read more about Run One of the World's 10 Toughest Marathons

Visit Alberta, Canada

The Canadian Rockies are on everyone's Bucket List.  The magnificent mountains, crystal-clear lakes, unspoilt national parks, cowboy countryside, vast blue skies and wonderful wildlife make a visit to Alberta the adventure of a lifetime.  Try amazing experiences that you'll remember forever, like canyon walking horseback riding in the truly 'great' outdoors.

The adventure doesn't stop there, there is white-water rafting, rock climbling, fishing in the streams and rivers, kayaking across Lake Louise or mountain biking and hiking in the spectacular Banff National Park. Read more about Visit Alberta, Canada