5 Of The World's Best Design Destinations

za koenji theatre
I found this in the Metro paper in London (one of the free news paper given out in the city) and thought I would share it with our readers. These are 5 of best places to see in terms of design. There are destinations in Germany, Japan, Moroco, Norway and USA these places were given the award to celebrate the finest new examples of design and architecture. So if you are in any of these areas as part of your holiday why not have a look in.

za koenji west side
Za-Koenji Public Theatre, Tokyo – Best Cultural space
Located in Suginami, Tokyo.  The Za-Koenji Public Theatre (designed by Toyo Ito) is a contemporary performing arts centre that produces, presents and supports a wide range of Japanese art form. It has large spotlights dotted throughout the building, tucked into the walls and even the sweeping staircases. From one direction the building looks like a giant stone with pepper lights over it.

la mamounia
La Mamounia, Marrakech - Best Resort
Located in the middle of the city of Marrakech is this award winning resort.  Design by Jacques Garcis, the La Mamounia is built on 1,700acre in the 1920s but has gone through a multi-million dollar renovation to create a more modern, eye catching and luxurious destination. Designed to offer rest, relaxation, indulgence and pleasure according to Garcia.

juvet hotel norway
Juvet Landscape Hotel, Norway, Best Small Hotel
Situated in the rugged woodlands of Norway and set on side of a river is this beautiful seven rooms hotel. The Juvet was design by Jan Olav Jensen, and blend in beautifully with its environment. From it is comes the feeling of tranquillity, peace and to feel at one with nature.
agua spa florida
Agua Spa, Mondrian Hotel, Florida – Best Spa
Set on super-cool Miami Beach, this spa has white walls and floors. In contrast nicely with the rest of the hotel, which designer Marcel Wanders calls Sleeping Beauty’s castle.  The 4,00sq ft spa has six treatment rooms and a shimmery reception made from thousands of silver mosaic square (as in photo).

neues museum berlin
Neues Museum Berlin – Best Museum
After being heavily damage during the Second World War the Neues Museum was restored (by David Chipperfield) over a six year period, costing over £200 million.  As part of it artistic feature a portion to the wall was left bear revealing the damages caused by the war. You can still see bullet holes and fire damages in some areas.