Take A Short Break To Stavanger, Norway

A visit to Stavanger will change your view of the Nordic region. Located on a peninsula in Southwest Norway; it is a thriving cosmopolitan city with a long history, vibrant cultural scene and close by are Norwegian’s famous fjords (voted most unspoilt destination).  One of the great things about Stavanger is most things are just minutes away from the city centre.  It has the region’s most breathtaking mountains, beautiful waters, and long sandy beaches and being on the Gulf Stream it has an unusually mild climate with pleasant summers.

Rich History and Vibrant Cultural Scene
With over eight hundred years of history, Stavanger was founded in 1125 and has a rich maritime heritage-which is typical of the Nordic people.  The city has managed to mix the old with the new and offers many reminders of its varied history.  From the fine 12th century Romanesque Cathedral to old Stavanger’s enchanting narrow streets of beautifully preserved 18th century fisherman’s cottages, there are 19th century warehouses and bustling markets to today’s cutting edge architecture.

A Thriving Cosmopolitan City
Stavanger is well known for its love of Festivals- there’s a jazz festival, beach volleyball festival, food festival, wine festival, chamber music festival and even a garlic festival.  Because of the country’s long maritime history a good place to visit is the Maritime Museum and see how the sea has shaped Stavanger’s history.  There are exhibits of Stavanger’s history through real and recreated items.

Natural Beauty
No visit to Stavanger would be complete without a visit to Lysefjord the jewel of Norway’s fjords.  One of the best ways to enjoy this area is from Kjerag craggy plateau, which stand at 3,000ft, a tough but rewarding climb. View the 26-mile of the fjord form the famous Kjerag boulder. Visit Pulpit Rock a 604 metre high rock offering a breathtaking view over the Lysefjord, well worth the bus trip plus 2-hour hike.  The 19th century watch tower atop the Skagen mountain offers a stunning vista of the city seaways and surroundings.

As part of your visit to Lysefjord’s Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) you can do some Seal Safari, they come out for the sun on a sunny day.  See Manafossen Waterfall – the most beautiful in the region standing at 92 metres, with to option to hike up to the top. Jaeren Beaches is Norway’s longest beaches with their dunes and protected wildlife; it’s also a surfer’s paradise.