8 of Costa Rica's Best Beaches

Whether you fancy deserted, wild shores or laid-back surfer vibes, with two picture-perfect coastlines - one Caribbean, one Pacific - Costa Rica has just the beach for you. We have put together some of the country's best beaches for the beach goers.

Immerse Yourself in Croatia's History and Culture

Through the centuries, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Venetians and the Austro-Hungarians have all left their mark on Croatian art and architecture. You could include one or more of the following mainland port cities in your sailing itinerary, or arrange sail and stay holiday, combining a week of sailing with a week of cultural sightseeing. 

Ignite Their Imagination on a Family Break in Florida

Whether you are dining with Cinderella or zooming through the Everglades in an airboat, experiencing lift-off at the Kennedy Space Center or taking a ride on the Hogwarts Express, Florida is one giant playground.  There are also 1,250 golf courses in Florida, so you can play golf on a different course every day for more than three years! It’s just a A whirlwind wonderland of unforgettable experiences.

Enjoy the Best of Burma in 10 Days

Burma has been long over looked for its Southeast Asian neighbours, Thailand and Vietnam. So, we have put this 10-day guide to share with you the best of this beautiful country.  Read this 10-day itinerary and you'll be booking Burma in no time.

Western Australia: The Adventure of A Lifetime

From enthralling wildlife and breathtaking natural landscapes, to great culture and cuisine, western Australia has it all.  To explore all that this region has to offer, begin in Perth - the gateway to Western Australia.

Explore Canada's Pacific and Atlantic Coasts

Canada has over 125,000 miles of coastline - that's more than any other country on earth; by a long stretch. Of the many miles on offer, two regions from opposing oceans stand out. Here we take a look at their relative merits.

Salzburg: A True Foodie Hotspot

From Michelin-starred finger food to sublime strudel - eating and drinking your way around Salzburgerland couldn't be more tempting.  Here's a pro tip for Salzburg to start you off: arrive hungry. The city is a prime destination for foodies, whether you're looking for fine dining or casual - but - delectable options.

Germany: from Forests to Cathedrals

Every year, about 37 million tourists from all over the world travel to Germany. Also, annually, the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) conducts a survey among international visitors asking them to name their favourite German attractions.  We had a closer look at the top 15 in the list and thought we should suggest some off-the-beaten-track alternatives. Because if you like those, you might also like these.

Explore the Wonders of North Africa

North Africa has some of the most exciting and exotic cultures and landscapes in the world. The region has an edgy energy - almost a breathless quality - about it: the intense, relentless heat; surreal, mystical labyrinthine souks and medinas, some of which look so unearthly they have been used in films set in space (some star wars scenes were set in Tunisia); ruins and temples scattered about the land like sweets waiting to be discovered afresh.

Explore the Bazaars of Istanbul

On holiday I want to recharge my batteries, turn off my mobile and leave work at home. It's all about sun, books, swimming and eating. Out of summer, I enjoy short city breaks in small boutique hotels where the museums, galleries and public places are a walk away. Seville, Paris, Tallinn and Prague are great cities with good public transport - less hassle than hiring a car. Istanbul has long been a place I wanted to see, so I decided to head over and spend a few days exploring the city. 

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