Visit Mexico's Barranca Del Cobre (Copper Canyon)

Copper Canyon also called Barranca Del Cobre in Spanish is a lush canyon system in Chihuahua state northwest Mexico.  The Barranca Del Cobre canyon system is four times the size of neighbouring Arizona’s Grand Canyon and deeper in some areas. Apart from its natural beauty and breath taking views the Copper Canyon offers a train journey that travels from sea level to 7,500 feet in less than 150 miles; giving it the name “Train in the Sky”.

The ride on the Copper canyon railway is the main attraction of the region because from the train it’s like you are seeing the entire world.  The railway system took almost 100 years to build and is considered to be an engineering marvel.  The copper canyon rail excursion is voted the most exciting train journey in the world.

If you are planning to visit the region is best to go in a group there are many guided tour operators that offer trips to the area. Many visitors tend to take the train straight from Los Mochis to Chihuahua. It is better to plan your journey with time to stop in the canyon it self, because there are a lot to see here.

See the colonial past of Alamos and El Fuerte by visiting the restored mansions and fort on Cerro de las Pilas, built when Alamos’ silver mines were some of the richest in the world. Spend some time in Posada Barrancas where you can visit the local Tarahumara Indians, who are the indigenous people of the copper canyon. From here you can take an aerial tram down into to the canyon to experience its grandeur. Creel is anther great area to stop off (recommended for backpackers). If you have the time the Chihuahuan Desert and the city of Casas Grandes are worth a visit.  Casas Grandes is the birth place of the Mata Ortiz Pottery style.

To access the copper canyon region you can travel down from Phoenix Arizona, El Paso Texas or San Diego to Tijuana down to La Paz and take the ferry across to Los Mochis where you cat the train. The time you visit is important because it can be very hot in the summer months and cold in the winter.  A very good time to visit is between late September and October after the summer rains, when it cool down in the canyon and not tool cold at the top.