Visit the Irish Town of Sneem

If you are in Ireland or planning to visit Ireland as part of a short break, then let me suggest the town of Sneem - a gentler side of Ireland.  Sneem is located at the very edge of the Kerry Coast (south western Ireland) over looking the Atlantic Ocean. It is about five hours drive down from Dublin and covers some of Irelands most breath taking scenery – beautiful maintains, and the Lakes of Killarney, they are unforgettable.

Sneem forms part of the Ring of Kerry (The Ring of Kerry is a 175km scenic drive that follows the coastline around the Iveragh Peninsula).  Sneem in Irish is “An Tsnaidhm” which means “The Knot”.  The Sneem River runs through the village and the Knot refers to the swirl the river creates as it meets the Ocean currents in the estuary just below the town.  There’s also the fact that to finish the Ring of Kerry drive, you have to pass through Sneem, thereby making it “The Knot”.

You would think that with a population of less than 700 Sneem is just one of those towns you stop to buy gas and ask direction but this is not the case.  There are plenty to do once you get the Sneem, you can Surf, Water ski or Scuba diving, which can be enjoy in Sneem Golden Cove.  Sneem is also located near Ireland’s highest mountain – mount Carrantuohill which goes up to 1038 metres.  This area is perfect for hiking or rock climbing.  If you want to take it easy you can go fishing or enjoy a round of golf at one the nearby world class golf clubs.

Close to Sneem are the ajoining towns of Killarney and Kenmare.  In Killarney you will find the Torc Waterfall, Ross Castle, Muckross House and Gardens, Killarnwy National Park and the Lakes of Killarney.  Kenmare is said to be ‘The Jewel on the Ring of Kerry’, know for good restaurants and is famous for its Kenmare needlepoint lace.