4 Reasons To Visit Southern Australia

You just can't beat a holiday Down Under to escape the gloom of winter.  But if that sounds a long and expensive slog, think again.  Thanks to improved flight options and the introduction of quiet and spacious planes, this is a good time to grab a bargain ticket to get some Aussie sunshine. It is not just Sydney sparkling harbour, cricket, barbeques and beaches that Australia has to offer. Read more about 4 Reasons To Visit Southern Australia


6 World Wide Desert Adventures

When Marco Polo travelled across the Gobi Desert, some 750 years ago he was scared for dear life because he thought the sound of the sands were the sounds of evil spirit.  Well Khongoryn Els sands dunes of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert have this rather odd habit of, singing, which is not normal for sand dunes. It’s a fairly rare phenomenon and just about 30 dunes worldwide are musically inclined — the rest are pretty quiet.   It's more of a constant low rumbling moan, with the occasional booming explosion - but it makes for a slightly odd encounter in the desert. Scientist said it’s something to do with the curve of the sand dunes forming a natural amphitheatre. Read more about 6 World Wide Desert Adventures

City Break in Faro, Portugal

Faro might be known as the gateway to the Algarve, but there’s much to discover in the town itself. If you stick around to explore you will be surprise at what you will find.  A delightful mixture of Moorish remains and 18th-century Portuguese architecture, Faro’s cobbled streets and old city walls offer glorious sights wherever you turn.  And, with the temperatures still in the mid-20s throughout September, it’s the right place for those wanting a last minute summer get away. Read more about City Break in Faro, Portugal


Take A Norwegian City Break

Norway’s cities offer much more than the more obvious city break destination they combine cosmopolitan culture with spectacular scenery and the great outdoors. So they are the best of both worlds, the city and the countryside.

Oslo, Norway’s buzzing, cosmopolitan capital epitomises Scandinavian chic with its trendy shops and restaurants and striking Italian marble Opera House which resembles a glacier sliding into the fjord. Read more about Take A Norwegian City Break


11 Great British Heritage Sites To Visit


This is a perfect day out.  While majestic Tudor palace is the main attraction, wandering around its gardens and getting lost in the maze are perfect additions to a visit on a fine day. And the interpretation is what all heritage attractions should ain for. Costumed guided tours, audio guides, videos and displays are excellent at explaining and capturing the feel of royal history and are all included in the entry price.  Children are well catered for, with family trails and hands-on displays.  And while there are cobbles and steps aplenty, much of the sites is wheelchair accessible.  The palace can be reached by all forms of transport and there are some parking on site.  The main restaurant on site that serves a good selection of food, albeit a bit pricey. Read more about 11 Great British Heritage Sites To Visit


Dubai - Go Direct or Enjoy Your Stopover


Dubai is the sort of place you think you know even if you’ve never been – it conjures up images of opulent hotels and towering sky scrapers.  Most of our experience of Dubai is a stopover destination; however, it is so much more. It has some of the most luxurious resorts - the world’s only seven star hotel, world class restaurants, pristine beaches and a great place for a family holiday.  Even if you choose to use it as a gateway to your next destination, make your next stopover a bit longer to enjoy what of what Dubai has to offer. Read more about Dubai - Go Direct or Enjoy Your Stopover


Stop Over in Macau For Food, Culture and Luxury


Rarely has the cultural collision of East and West been as evident elsewhere in the world as it is in Macau. For nearly half a millennium, this Special Administration Region of China has been a fascination melting pot of Chinese and European influences.  Visitors to modern Macau will find plenty of this still of this mix today, alongside a frequently spectacular sprinkling of contemporary style. Read more about Stop Over in Macau For Food, Culture and Luxury


Enjoy San Francisco's Golden Sunset and Cultural Attractions

A visit to San Francisco should be on everyone wish list of places to visit at some point. The city offers great food, a wonderful skyline, the sunny climate and a warm welcome for it visitors.  Depending on whom you speak to about San Francisco it conjures up different memories and thoughts, whether it’s from the movies, music, history or business and technology something will spring to mind thus, it’s easy to see why San Francisco is regarded as one of the world’s top destinations. Read more about Enjoy San Francisco's Golden Sunset and Cultural Attractions


The City of Innsbruck, More Than Just Skiing

Innsbruck is unlike any other European cities, located deep in the Inn valley it is encircled by soring, jagged mountains. The city sits on the banks of the Inn River, which flows from the Switz Alps and into the Danube.  Behind the quaint, colourfully painted houses that line the cobbled streets stand the Alps offering a captivating backdrop. Read more about The City of Innsbruck, More Than Just Skiing