Take a Bike Tour of Salzburg

Goodness knows what the people of Salzburg made of my family and I careering round their city on bikes, singing Edelweiss at the tops of our voices. But Salzburg is intrinsically linked with The Sound Of Music and The Fraulein Maria bike tour is possibly the most memorable way to immerse yourself in it. To be honest, it wasn't really music and we didn't quite make it up into the hills, but the streets were definitely alive with the sound of our hollering. Read more about Take a Bike Tour of Salzburg

Learn About Mexico's Past Through Its Ruins

When travelling through Mexico everywhere you look you will find stories of the quest for human freedom.  They are told in the bold colours of the past-Mexican Revolution murals of Rivera, Orozco and Siqueiros.  They are etched in the Zócalos of Colonial cities where the War of Independence was fought.  And they are visible in the pyramid skylines of the ancients, where Mayas, Zapotecs, and Totonacs raised their sights toward harmony with the sun and the moon.  There are 27 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mexico.  These are places of unique cultural identity and historic importance.  Most of Read more about Learn About Mexico's Past Through Its Ruins

Make It Northern Ireland This Year

Northern Ireland is always a great place to visit at any time of year, as well as gorgeous scenery, charming country pubs and lively cities, there's a warmth to the welcome that's unbeatable.  With Belfast and the Causeway Coast highlighted as its must visit locations. You can ticked off a few locations in one visit; you can be in the heart of Belfast city in the morning, grabbing brunch in a chic cafe, then standing atop a mountain in glorious solitude just a couple of hours later. Read more about Make It Northern Ireland This Year


Eat, Pray and Explore Osaka

Japan is a fusion of the ultra-modern and the ancient, a country of temples and traditions as well as soaring skylines and futuristic bullet trains. Osaka is no exception.  The iconic 16th-century Osaka Castle – the symbol of the city – with its famous five-layer donjon, which cascades down from its central tower, is set in 60,000 sq m of lawns with cherry blossom trees. Read more about Eat, Pray and Explore Osaka

Stopover in Singapore

Singapore is a spectacular land of marvellous modern wonders that will take your breath away.  From the observation wheel and skywalks among the Supertrees, to a giant indoor waterfall and a river safari theme park, Singapore has a variety of attractions to suit every need – as such, the Garden City should be on everyone’s list of must-visit destinations. Read more about Stopover in Singapore


Let South Africa Indulge Your Different Sides

See more of what South Africa has to offer in both town and country. A trip to South Africa will allow you to enjoy both worlds and everything in between. From rolling landscapes packed with animals you've only ever seen roaming free in films or kids' books to inspiring arts and design centres, some of the world's best restaurants and adrenaline-pumping activities like skydiving, dune boarding, up close and personal with a great white. Read more about Let South Africa Indulge Your Different Sides

Enjoy Weekend Shopping in Milan

With designer stores a plenty, vintage boutiques, fantastic food, art and grand architecture, Milan is the perfect place to enjoy a stylish weekend away.  Start your trip by checking into the Bulgari Milano Hotel, which many of the city's visitors are happy to call home during the Milan Fashion Week (September).

Housed in a very tastefully renovated 18th-century Milanese palazzo in the heart of the shopping district, it's an excellent base for exploring one of Italy's most liveable, and shopping friendly cities. Read more about Enjoy Weekend Shopping in Milan


Enjoy Art in The Mile High City of Denver

The gateway to the Rockies, Denver has always been about adventure and exploration - and its art scene is no exception.  Visitors to the city can enjoy the artworks at the city's outstanding Clyfford Still Museum.  The Mile High City, the Clyfford Still Museum is just one of a bevy of world-class galleries and museum contributing to Denver's rising status as a heavyweight of the American art world. Read more about Enjoy Art in The Mile High City of Denver


Explore Kyoto’s Temples and Shrines

Kyoto has distinguish itself as a must see destination for anyone visiting Japan to experience more than a century of culture. Kyoto alone has 17 World Heritage Sites, these include Kiyomizu Temple and Nijo Castle.  The sheer number of breathtakingly beautiful shrines and temples, the Tamba Mountains, tranquil Japanese gardens, traditional tea houses, fantastic food, colourful festivals and everything you would expect to find in a modern, vibrant, futuristic city are what makes this former capital of Japan (before Tokyo) a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list. Read more about Explore Kyoto’s Temples and Shrines

The World Bodypainting Festival, Body Art at its Best

body paint

Between June and July the world’s best in body painting comes to Austria to exhibit their skills at the World Bodypainting Festival (WBF). Artist and their model(s) transform the mono chrome body into a colourful work of art in a mixture of photography, fashion, music, drama and dance.  Here you can see how body painting inspires the movies and visa versa. There are awards to be won such as the best Futuristic, Brush, Special Effects, Face Painting and many more. Read more about The World Bodypainting Festival, Body Art at its Best