Six Figure Short Break Ideas

I you are one of those that are willing to pay for an holiday experience where the cost is not an issue then we have found five that you would be interested in. Whatever you are interested in sun, snow or adrenaline rush adventure – with a bit of glamping. The locations include the Caribbean, Europe the southern hemisphere South Africa and New Zealand - as far as the South Pole. Read more about Six Figure Short Break Ideas

Discover Uruguay, South America’s Smaller Gem

South America shines in the winter sun Uruguary is its warm heart. Looking at the map, there seems little reason to head to this classic buffer state, sandwiched between the beachside delights of Brazil and Argentina’s steak-and-style swagger.  But it is the way that this fiercely independent nation, whose spirit is epitomised in its fanatically followed football team, combines the best of its neighbours in a far more easily digestible package that makes it irresistible.  If you want a short, sharp hit of the best of Latin America then you’ve come to the right place. Read more about Discover Uruguay, South America’s Smaller Gem


4 Reasons To Visit Southern Australia

You just can't beat a holiday Down Under to escape the gloom of winter.  But if that sounds a long and expensive slog, think again.  Thanks to improved flight options and the introduction of quiet and spacious planes, this is a good time to grab a bargain ticket to get some Aussie sunshine. It is not just Sydney sparkling harbour, cricket, barbeques and beaches that Australia has to offer. Read more about 4 Reasons To Visit Southern Australia


6 World Wide Desert Adventures

When Marco Polo travelled across the Gobi Desert, some 750 years ago he was scared for dear life because he thought the sound of the sands were the sounds of evil spirit.  Well Khongoryn Els sands dunes of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert have this rather odd habit of, singing, which is not normal for sand dunes. It’s a fairly rare phenomenon and just about 30 dunes worldwide are musically inclined — the rest are pretty quiet.   It's more of a constant low rumbling moan, with the occasional booming explosion - but it makes for a slightly odd encounter in the desert. Scientist said it’s something to do with the curve of the sand dunes forming a natural amphitheatre. Read more about 6 World Wide Desert Adventures

World Wide Jungle Adventures

It’s an abseiling paradise in Malaysia, with several sumptuous locations on offer for a range of abilities.  Beginners would be advised to try Gunung Jerai in kedah or Gunung Tangsi in Negeri Sembilan, while the more experienced abseiler can’t fail to be impressed by the challenge the rivers, mountains and rainforests provide.  For those looking for the ultimate abseiling test, though, look no further than Sabah’s Gunung Kinabalu.  At just over 4,000 metres, it’s one of the highest – and toughest – mountains in southeast Asia. Read more about World Wide Jungle Adventures


Have a Craic City Break in Belfast and Dublin


What do you look for in your ideal city break? Well, if it’s just for a few days or the weekend, you must be able to get there quickly and easily.  The city also has to offer memorable experiences, amazing sights, great culture, wonderful cuisine, warm hospitality and tick all the boxes that make it a must visit destination. Because of its closeness to the UK and the rest of Europe, its great holiday experience or short break that won’t break the bank. Read more about Have a Craic City Break in Belfast and Dublin


Koh Chang - Thailand's Paradise Island

There seems to be some dispute over how the island got the name that means ‘Elephant Isle’ in Thai.  Some say it looks like an elephant from above, others say that it looks like an elephant as it rises hump-backed out of the Gulf of Thailand.  There is also a folk-tale that two of Buddha’s elephants escaped and waded into the sea: the mother was inexplicably ‘fossilised’ to form Koh Chang and the baby become tiny Koh Chang Noi. Read more about Koh Chang - Thailand's Paradise Island


Short Breaks For Wine Lovers


Framed by craggy mountains and lush scenery.  Cape Town – the sparkly jewel in South Africa’s crown – is on every cool-hunter’s radar this summer thanks to its hip hangouts, stunning beaches and burgeoning art scene. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Just minutes from the city’s urban buzz sits an outstanding wine region. Read more about Short Breaks For Wine Lovers