Road Trip

Our Family Road Trip to La Rochelle, France

There's nothing quite like a family road trip, and one of the best ways to see France at its finest is behind the wheel. What is surprising is how much of the country's most traditional attractions - gourmet food, the world's best wine, astonishing history and stunning architecture - are within a doable drive from other parts of Europe and the UK via Eurotunnel Le Shuttle terminal in Folkestone. Read more about Our Family Road Trip to La Rochelle, France

Take a Road Trip to Lyon

When ferrying from the UK to France, it's tempting to stay close to the Channel, to coast through Normandy or hook west to Brittany. The joy of driving off the ferry at Calais or Dunkirk, however, is that all of France is just hours away. So why not consider heading south to discover Lyon, the city that claims French culinary supremacy?

Overlooked by big sister Paris, Lyon has its fair share of culture, charm, and leisurely waterfront promenades. Getting there from the ferry port is easy, and numerous stops along the way can break up the journey. Read more about Take a Road Trip to Lyon


The Great Ocean Road Trip, Australia

Don't be fooled into thinking the Great Ocean Road is just a strip of tarmac. Not only is this 151 mile road the world's longest war memorial, it is the backbone of Victoria and has the added bonus of being one of the greatest drives on the planet.  The Great Ocean Road whips up a heady mix of natural wonders. Jaw-dropping sunsets, imposing cliffs, huge waves crashing against the points, Postcard picture villages, and elusive koala all feature in a day or two's drive.  The mixture of sea salt and gum trees even gives the road itw own unique smell. Read more about The Great Ocean Road Trip, Australia