Make it Naples

Overlooked by an active volcano, perched on a port, and full of shabbily beautiful streets housing ancient pizzerias and buzzing bars. Naples' scruffily beautiful streets are refreshingly ungentrified: no chance of finding a chain coffee shop here. Every nook and cranny holds a baroque courtyard or a lush, leafy garden, and walls are adorned with cool street art, posters advertising all-night parties in tumble-down abandoned renaissance prisons or a flyer letting the community know a loved one has passed away. Read more about Make it Naples

Summer City Break in Naples

For that combination of sun-dappled piazzas, culture and knockout coffee, Naples is definitely up there with the Italian greats.  Any foodie with even a hint of knowledge about Neapolitan cuisine will know that this city is famous for more than pizza: espresso are rich, strong and will keep you buzzing into the early hours.

Intramoenia Caffe Letterario  is great for rubbing shoulders with Naples’ bright young things on the city’s Amadeus inscribes any name or message on your cappuccino’s foam; many a marriage proposal has been accepted with this caffeine fix. Read more about Summer City Break in Naples