5 Walking Break Destinations

This Unesco-approved network of trails leads deep into the heart of the Kii Mountains, southeast of Kyoto. Numerous tracks criss-cross these cedar-scented, waterfall-laced mountains dotted with shrines and temples; you can trek a section in a few days or complete the whole pilgrimage as Kyoto’s ancient emperors did, in roughly six weeks.

Duration: From one night to six weeks.

Level: Easy/moderate. Paths are well-maintained and shady, and you’re never far from help.

Experience Japanese Entertainment, Art and Craft

A long with Mount Fuji, the traditional geisha with their white painted faces, elaborate kimonos, bright red lipstick and black shiny hair piled up in a chignon are one of the most iconic images of Japan.

Kyoto, the former capital, which is home to an impressive 17 World Cultural Heritage Sites, including the Nijo Castle and the Kiyomizu Temple, boasts a long tradition of geisha district in Japan.

Short Break Ski Destination Special

CRESTED BUTTE, United States

BEST FOR: Steep and deep skiers looking to channel their inner cowboy.

Arguably the last remaining gem in Colorado’s world-famous portfolio of ski towns, Crested Butte is overflowing with authentic skier soul.  Located a mere 35 miles as the crow flies from Aspen, Crested Butte has a vibe that couldn’t feel further away from the glitzy celeb-fuelled world that exists just over the hill. ‘Crusty Butt’, as it is also affectionately known, is a genuinely welcoming place of locally owned businesses and ‘real’ people who are fiercely proud of their funky little Rocky Mountain cowboy town.

Eat, Pray and Explore Osaka

Japan is a fusion of the ultra-modern and the ancient, a country of temples and traditions as well as soaring skylines and futuristic bullet trains. Osaka is no exception.  The iconic 16th-century Osaka Castle – the symbol of the city – with its famous five-layer donjon, which cascades down from its central tower, is set in 60,000 sq m of lawns with cherry blossom trees.

Experience Kanazawa, One of Japan’s Edo-period Cities

If you are planning on visiting Japan, the city of Kanazawa is work a look in. This Edo-period city has been off the beaten track for some time and was a task getting to, but this should not be an issue any more. The Japanese rail way has opened a new Shinkansen route to the city, from Tokyo you can get there in two and half hours (with your Japan Rail Pass). While there experience it geisha culture, Higashi Chaya traditional teahouses and the Kenrokuen garden, one of Japan’s most breathtaking.

10 Great Ski Destinations to Consider for Your Next Winter Break

As the warm summer’s sun fades and Autumn moves into Winter a different type of thrill seekers emerge thinking of where best to enjoy the white stuff.  Choosing which ski resort to hangout at and checking the weather reports every five minutes to see how snow is falling can be time consuming. We have put together a list of 10 great destinations that we think will appeal to the different type of skiers. We have Jackson Hole, USA to Rusutsu, Japan plus a whole host of European resorts.

Explore Kyoto’s Temples and Shrines

Kyoto has distinguish itself as a must see destination for anyone visiting Japan to experience more than a century of culture. Kyoto alone has 17 World Heritage Sites, these include Kiyomizu Temple and Nijo Castle.  The sheer number of breathtakingly beautiful shrines and temples, the Tamba Mountains, tranquil Japanese gardens, traditional tea houses, fantastic food, colourful festivals and everything you would expect to find in a modern, vibrant, futuristic city are what makes this former capital of Japan (before Tokyo) a destination that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

See Tokyo's Ancient and Modern Sides


I have always wanted to go to Japan and Tokyo was high on the list of one to the places to visit but nothing can prepare me for the sheer scale of the city. It is home to over 13 million people, making it one of the most populous cities in the world and a thriving centre of commerce and culture, which is both futuristic and steeped in tradition.

The Ultimate James Bond (007) Exotic Short Break

Dolomites - Italy
In the Bond movie ‘For Your Eyes Only’ 007 stayed at the five-stared Miramonti Majestic Grand Hotel, in Cortina d’Ampezzo part of the Dolomiti skiing area. Here you can enjoy the luxurious facilities with one exception; you will not get the chase down the slopes by some rifle wielding rogue assassins. The Dolomites is will know for it majestic ski slopes and an ideal winter break destination.


Summer Festivals weekend Breaks

Fuji Rock Festival Japan
The Fuji rock festival is held in Naba ski resort of Niigata it was founded by Masahiro Hidaka. It is now in its 14th year; Masahiro said it was inspired by a trip to Glastonbury. The festival is Japan’s largest outdoor festivals it attacks over 30,000 fans and is said to be the cleanest festival in the world, with round the clock recycling and round the clock cleaning (smash-uk.com/frf10).

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