Spice up Your Life with a Trip to Grenada

Just smell that nutmeg, as it’s turned into everything from jam and syrup to ice cream. And don’t forget the chocolate, coffee, sugar cane and bananas too.  Grenada is known as “The Spice Island” – and for good reason. It’s been a major producer of nutmeg for more than a century and one of its most atmospheric sights is the monumental wooden Nutmeg Processing Station set beside the sea at Gouyave. This deliciously scented warehouse seems unchanged since the day it opened in 1952, and the lucrative spice is so much a part of island life it features on the national flag. Read more about Spice up Your Life with a Trip to Grenada

5 Reasons to Visit Grenada

The ‘Spice of the Caribbean’, Grenada offers the chance to dive among coral, venture into lush rainforest and relax with the sun on your skin as aromatic scents fill the air.  From the cocoa fields a Belmont to Grand Etang National Park, from the white sandy beaches on the Caribbean side of the island to the rugged Atlantic coast, Grenada is all about adventure and relaxation-whatever kind of holiday you’re looking for. Read more about 5 Reasons to Visit Grenada


Escape To An Island Paradise, With Sandals

Escaping to a sun-drenched island is on most of us bucket list, of things to do.  But for a once in a life time experience how do you choose the right location for that perfect romantic getaway? Maybe you want to recharge your batteries, or perhaps you fancy some personal training in a state-of-the-art-gym, followed by a rejuvenating spa treatment and dinner at a fabulous restaurant boasting international haute cuisine. Read more about Escape To An Island Paradise, With Sandals

Getaway to these Paradise Islands of the Caribbean

Would you like to switch off from the 'hustle and bustle' of everyday life. We have put together six Caribbean islands where you can do just that. Whether you choose to visit one or all, they all offer their distinct take on life in the tropics. From sand, surf and snorkelling to eco-treks into the rainforest, island arts and hot nights on the beach dining on freshly cooked fish, every island has its unique charms, but also a shared appeal to anyone looking for effortless relaxation and more active pursuits when you are ready to get up from that lounger. Read more about Getaway to these Paradise Islands of the Caribbean