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5 Unbelievable Beaches in Britain

While the UK is renowned for being a green and pleasant land, thanks to its glorious countryside, it is also the proud owner of some of the most stunning coastlines imaginable.  So, discover the beauty on your doorstep by swapping a short-haul getaway for a memorable stay cay at one of these UK paradises on Airbnb this summer.

Best for long walks: Portscatho, Cornwall

When was the last time you took a road trip out of the city? The calming coastal destinations of Portscatho in Cornwall could make the ideal retreat for reconnecting with the outdoors this summer. Read more about 5 Unbelievable Beaches in Britain


Explore Nature in Belize

Travelling responsibly is easy in Belize, due to the country's goal to become a world leader in sustainable tourism. With eco-lodges scattered across the pristine rainforest and along the unspoilt Caribbean coast, the highest population of jaguars on the planet and a whopping 28% of territory set aside to ensure the preservation of the flora and fauna, you're in for a wild and responsible adventure. Here's how to best enjoy all that bountiful Belize has to offer. Read more about Explore Nature in Belize

Explore Florida's Gulf Coastline

Florida's beaches are among the best in the world. But when it comes to award-winning stretches of sand, St. Pete/Clearwater knows how to make a splash. Not only was Clearwater Beach voted America's Best Beach by TripAdvisor for 2019, but St. Pete Beach wasn't far behind, coming in fourth place.  Both beaches make up the long stretch of barriers island that hug this part of the Florida Gulf coastline, where white sands stretch for 35 miles and an exciting foodie and craft beer scene has emerged, you can take your pick between amazing art and awe-inspiring nature.  The area has a variety of different resorts available across St.Pete/Clearwater with Orlando is only 90 minutes away.  Read more about Explore Florida's Gulf Coastline


Visit Normandy's Chic Coastal Resorts for Some Sand-and-Sea Therapy

For me, being beside the seaside is synonymous with feeling happy in that slightly hypnotised way that sparkling blue oceans bring on. Happy and hypnotised is not how I'm usually feeling when I find myself in East London, so the fact that I can step on a plane in London's grey downtown and find myself in a chic seaside resort an hours later, is perhaps Deauville's biggest selling point.  Read more about Visit Normandy's Chic Coastal Resorts for Some Sand-and-Sea Therapy

See You at the Beach in Croatia

Central Dalmatia abounds in gorgeous landscapes, endless beaches and numerous options for active holidays. A wide array of beautiful beaches and opportunities for adrenaline-filled adventures combine with iconic old settlements, towns and picturesque islands to make Split-Dalmatia County the ultimate destination for travellers of all ages and interests. Read more about See You at the Beach in Croatia

Visit Some of England’s Best Beaches

The perfect arc of sand at Lulworht is one of the most famous features of the British coastline.  It’s a beautiful beach, although it can get very busy in the summer months.  Lulworth is part of the Jurassic Coast, and you can learn more about it a the excellent visitor centre near the beach, but the best way to explore the area’s beauty is to walk from Lulworth over the cliffs to the extraordinary rock formation known as Durdle Door. Read more about Visit Some of England’s Best Beaches


Escape To Bournemouth Seaside Resort


With months of cold days and nights no wonder one of the British favourite outdoor activities is going to the beach, especially when the weather forecaster said we are to get some sunshine with high temperature, we flock to the nearest said side and one of them is Bournemouth. It has a reputation of offering some of the country’s best weather and long sandy and clean beaches. Also a visit to Bournemouth would show you why research (done by First Direct Bank in 2007) as found it to be the happiest place in Britain. Read more about Escape To Bournemouth Seaside Resort