Spend Valentine Break at Hotel Kakslauttanen in Findland

Forget the rivers of Venice, the city of Paris and Germany and go somewhere where the temperature forces you to be closer to each other. Hotel Kakslauttanen in Finland offers this unique experience with their Glass Igloos rooms and other ice experiences.  The Kakslauttanen Hotel in Saariselka, Lapland, has crafted deluxe, window-roofed igloos in which couples can fall asleep or in love beneath the Northern Lights.

The roofs of the igloos are made from transparent thermo glass for you to enjoy the Northern Lights, Aurora Boreals.  Although the temperature can be as low as -32c, there is no need to worry that you might lose a body part, besides sleeping bags guests are provided with woollen Socks and Hood.  Also the snow igloos are kept between -3c and -6c or you and your partner can opt for other Igloos that are kept at room temperature.

If you are not married then this Valentine break offers the ideal location and opportunity to use Hotel Kakslauttanen’s Ice Chapel.  If you chose to get married there they will take you from your Ice Igloo or cabin in a sledge drown by Reindeer through a winter wonderland with beautiful snow covered threes.  The sledge takes you to a beautifully decorated chapel made of ice and snow, decorated with ice sculptures.  You can then have dinner or reception in the snow restaurant, with tables made of crystal clear ice.

If you think the ice is too much for a wedding, then there is a small romantic wooden Tieva chapel.  To go with the venue you have to option to do it in authentic colourful Lapp costumes to the tunes of Lappish songs (called Joiku). For your wedding night you have several options for your honeymoon suite: Honeymoon Snow Igloo, a Wedding Turf Chamber, Glass Igloo or the Queen Suite.

Apart from the view of the Northern lights, Aurora Boreals; Hotel Kakslauttanen has the world’s largest smoke sauna situated close to the igloo village.  After the sauna you can dip/swim in the river or what they called ice swimming.  You might think with sub-zero temperature how can you swim in a river- but they cut holes in the ice for you (it is a local tradition).  With the sweating done in the sauna and the energy burnt ice swimming, the restaurant is close by and serves many delicious meals among which is the traditional reindeer or salmon.

Relax by visiting the Ice Gallery. Every year the best ice sculptors in the world gathers at Hotel Kakslauttanen to participate in the international ice-sculpting week.  The sculptures from the event are on display in the ice gallery. You and your partner can also get a 2 hours ice sculpture lesion.  You can top off the night at the snow bar where you can have your drink in glasses made of only ice or you can go back to your ice igloo and enjoy what is left of your Valentine short break.