8 Places to Watch the Sunset in London

A sunset can be enjoy from many places but none is like what you will enjoy if you are in London. Therefore, we have located eight of London's coolest places to enjoy its sunsets, from the heart of the city to its outskirts. And the best part of it is, most of them are for free; all you need is your travel card and you can be there, watching the changing colours of the London skyline as the city say by to another day.

Primrose Hill
If you've never watched the sky turn pink from this well kept annex of Regent's Park, you have never truly seen London's best side.  It's a bit of a trek to the top (for visitors to the city, the clue is in the name), but you'll be rewarded with a skyline view featuring all the city's main players, poking out of a verdant foreground.  Toasting with your favourite dink is mandatory.

Alexandra Palace Park
As London picnic venues go, this lofty spot by "Ally Pally" takes some bearing.  There's not much in the way of flat surfaces (so keep an eye on those bottle of drinks, leave anything that will roll at home), but that just helps to make sure you've no chance of missing the incredible view when the sun dips towards the city skyline.

Greenwich Park
Spent too long cooing at the deer park and suddenly realised it's dark? It happens.  Avoid this rookie mistake by getting yourself and your mates up on the hill by the statue of General James Wolfe for sunset, where on a clear evening you'll see everything from the masts of the Cutty Sark to the City skyscrapers cast in a dreamy silhouette.

Richmond Park
Unlike the other sunset spots in London where you can enjoy it's architecture, in Richmond Park, you are more likely to see antlers than skyscrapers on the horizon down in this sprawling park, which is at its prettiest in the dusky hours.  Go with it, though - it all adds to the illusion that you're sipping your favourite drink in rural Hampshire, rather than a plush suburb of south-west London.

Telegraph Hill Park
There is this North South thing among Londoners. They both talks about each other's short comings but what they both can agree on it that South  London is awesome when it comes to dreamy sunset spots.  This little leafy oasis between New Cross and Nunhead is one of its finest, with the upper section of the part offering spectacular views over central London. Make sure your mobile has lost of power to Instagram these lovely views.

Regent Canal
Regent's Canal on a warm evening is one of the most romantic place in London.  The Haggerston section has some great bars and eating spots to check out, but for maximum points, go for the DIY option and take that someone to the lock just by Broadway Market.  The probability of a smooch as the sun goes down is off the charts.

Epping Forest
Any old hill in Zone 3 can deliver sexy views of the London skyline, but for a bit of variety you've got to pack up your picnic and head to the 6,000 acres of Epping Forest, where lakes, ponds and ancient trees add to the atmosphere of a perfect sunset.

The Shard
It is the tallest building in the UK and smack-bang in the middle of London. It is London's most iconic sights, the Shard's 800ft, 72nd floor is where they have setup a viewing platform.  It's the best place in the city to catch the sunset (at a cost).