5 Reasons to Visit Grenada

The ‘Spice of the Caribbean’, Grenada offers the chance to dive among coral, venture into lush rainforest and relax with the sun on your skin as aromatic scents fill the air.  From the cocoa fields a Belmont to Grand Etang National Park, from the white sandy beaches on the Caribbean side of the island to the rugged Atlantic coast, Grenada is all about adventure and relaxation-whatever kind of holiday you’re looking for.

1. Sun hunters
There are many ways to see the untamed corners of Grenada’s wild landscape, but few beat the thrill of a tour where you get to drive your own sun hunters beach buggy. All-wheel-drive allows you to take on any terrain, while the open top and easy driving experience add a sense of fun to your holiday expedition. There’s a range of guide-led tours to choose from, including scenic routes, a waterfalls and rainforest tour, and a rugged River Sallee sulphur spring tour.

2. Underwater sculpture park
The world’s first submerged gallery of sculptured artworks is a unique experience. The sculptures -from a statue of Jesus to a man riding a bicycle-stand in beautiful silence among the fish in Molinere Bay. It’s a must-see for any diver.

3. Belmont Estate
Belmont Estate offers the chance to see an authentic seventeenth-century plantation still working today. A fascinating and immersive day out, tours take in the organic farm, traditional cocoa processing and the museum. Nutmeg, cinnamon, pimento, cloves, bay leaves, turmeric, ginger and mace are all grown at Belmont Estate, filing the air with fabulous aromas. As you’d imagine, a visit here is very much a trip for all the senses.

4. Dining out
Many of the best places to eat on Grenada can be found in the island’s luxurious hotels, but there are also excellent stand-alone restaurants. Beach House by Portici Bay boasts a paradise island setting and superb Asian-influenced Caribbean cooking at its best. In St Georges, the aquarium is a popular Caribbean/ international restaurant with a great beach bar and BB’s Crab back is Brian Benjamin’s showcase for seafood served Grenadian-style.

5. La Sagesse Beach
To rank among the finest beaches in the Caribbean is saying something, but with its crescent shape, swaying palms and beautiful sand, La Sagesse at St David effortlessly makes the grade. Its tropical gardens are popular for wildlife watching, and its quiet seclusion makes it ideal for romantic escapes, too.